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Our Roots

SILK was founded by the dynamic and adventurous Dutch duo Heidi van Leeuwen & Maarten Smetsers. The Dutch brand loves everything that brings colour and happiness to life. SILK's heritage is in Asia, the ultimate place to experience colour. The designers pursued their dream by creating their own label. SILK brings a new dimension to their creativity and travel around the world. Heidi's non-conformist playful taste combined with Maarten's designer talent for powerful, strong shapes and simplicity brings their fashionable trendy jewellery brand to life.
Great Minds Think a like
Their creative spirits find each other in their shared dream, which will become their own brand SILK a year later. In 2004 they officially start their business by designing their first pieces of jewellery. A jeweller falls in love with it and places a small order which was sold out immediately afterwards. The launch of the first SILK jewellery store is a fact. Today, their brand is sold in several countries around the world with over 300 jewellery stores selling their collection.
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SILK is a Dutch brand with its head office in your chilly country from which we occupy ourselves with the product development, jewellery production, sales, marketing and distribution of the brand.

Are you wondering who are doing this crazy job together? Then quickly read on who is responsible for the design of your favourite jewellery brand, who takes care that the packages are sent every day, who answers the phone, who takes care of the repairs, creates the marketing campaigns, who is our social chick or who makes the quality control her mission. Or meet the person responsible for the production control of your SILK jewellery. Discover our personal motivations and absolute SILK must-haves favourites.
SILK sketches her Asian-inspired pieces and the team of unsurpassed artisans brings its vision to life as they forge sterling silver into pieces of jewellery of lasting quality and beauty. The SILK signature of superior craftsmanship can be found in every handmade massive silver piece. The art of jewellery making is an ancient skill that goes back to the time of kings on the island. The descendants of those original craftsmen today form the SILK team. Working with the Balinese and Javanese results in a contemporary silver collection that is strongly influenced by Indonesian jewellery styles
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I get my satisfaction from making beautiful lasting products in an honest way. In intensive cooperation with our silversmiths.

In addition, or perhaps especially in this time, I want to offer a top quality product. There is enough junk for sale, I want to produce a sustainable product that can last a lifetime. To the last detail I accept nothing less than excellent quality at a fair price.

We launch new models several times a year, these are always extensively tested. In addition, each product is subject to extensive quality control, both by our own people and with the Dutch warranty foundation.
Each piece of jewellery tells its own story of the person wearing it. I create something that someone attaches special value to. A silver piece of jewellery is different from a piece of clothing that you usually throw away after one or two seasons. If you treat silver well, it can last a lifetime.

In addition, a silver piece of jewellery often becomes more beautiful the longer you wear it. This is how SILK becomes part of someone's life. I like that thought.

Moreover, jewellery adds its own character and personal touch to your styling and that is what I love so much about it
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