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Silver Bracelets Women

Silver bracelets for women

Looking for a silver women bracelet? SILK Jewellery is the place to go to shop beautiful silver jewellery. We offer an extensive selection of silver women bracelets and regularly add new bracelets to the collection. We offer coarser silver bracelets, finely braided bracelets, wider, sturdy or either subtle bracelets and silver link bracelets for women. All bracelets are unique and handmade.

A silver women bracelet

A timeless silver bracelet always matches your outfit. There are several kinds of women bracelets. Some bracelets are very refined and subtle whereas others are sturdy and coarse. You will find an example of the coarse link bracelets in our Double Linked Collection. If you are looking for a sturdy braided, more detailed bracelet, we can suggest ourConnect Collection.These bracelets match very nicely with the other bracelets from the SILK Collection.
The thin carabine bracelets are a must have for women who like an armparty. These refined bracelets with an oyster clasp can easily be mixed and matched for a creative look. For example, consider the 248 Dua women bracelet combined with the 149 Fox women bracelet and the150 Chevron women bracelet. Or wear a refined silver bracelet with your watch.

In this way, you have a bracelet for every outfit and every mood. At SILK Jewellery, we have several silver bracelets that match your personality. The bracelets are made out of 925 sterling silver. It takes one smith three to four days to make one single bracelet. This makes every women bracelet unique.

Buying silver jewellery online

Online shopping is very easy nowadays. Our webshop allows you to easily order a piece of SILK Jewellery online with your phone. In our collections, you will find trendy handmade jewellery like leather and silver bracelets, necklaces, pendants and rings. Easily order one of our silver women bracelets today!

A silver bracelet as a present.

A piece of jewellery is a lasting memory. With that, you not only give your mother, sister or friend a cool style item, but also a lasting memory of you and your special bond. The silver bracelets are a perfect gift for women during the holidays, birthdays or Mother’s Day. We will ensure that you have your bracelet within a few days, if it is in stock. We can also wrap the silver bracelet as a gift which makes giving the bracelet even more special!
Do you find it difficult to choose which bracelet you want to give? At SILK Jewellery, we also have gift cards. The SILK gift card is wrapped as a gift and sent to you by mail.
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