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Spotify Jewellery

Hey Music Lovers! Always keep your music close with our engraved silver pendants and bracelets from SILK Jewellery. Are you a true music lover and looking for a unique piece of jewelry or gift? Discover our latest Spotify jewelry: beautifully engraved silver pendants and bracelets with exclusive Spotify scan codes! Personalize your SILK jewellery with a special code of your favorite song, artist, user or playlist. Scan the code and your music immediately comes to life! Perfect for enthusiasts who always want to have their favorite melodies with them.
spotify jewellery
Experience the Magic

Spotify Jewelry

Discover the magic of Spotify jewelry at SILK Jewellery, where we turn memories into precious moments. Do you have a song that takes you back to your favorite playlist, the enchanting first dance at your wedding, or that unforgettable road trip sing-along? Or do you find comfort in a funeral song of a loved one?

Create a personalized piece of jewelry that keeps the memories of those special moments alive - a melody that will never fade.


Our engraved silver pendants and bracelets are perfect for anyone who loves music. Have your jewelry engraved with a special Spotify code of your favorite song, artist, user or playlist. By simply scanning the code with the Spotify app, you can immediately play your favorite music.
Bring the Melody to Life

Scan Your Music

Personalize your own silver pendant or bracelet with a special Spotify scan code of your favorite musical memory. Every time you scan the code, the melody comes to life, bringing that cherished memory back to you.
how does it work?

Do you have a piece of jewellery with a Spotify code?

Follow these simple steps to bring your music to life:
1. Open the Spotify app: Make sure you have the latest version of the Spotify app installed on your smartphone.
2. Scan the Code: Click on the search icon in the app and then on the camera icon at the top right.
3. Point the camera at the Spotify code engraved on your jewelry.
4. Enjoy the Music: Once the code has been scanned, your favorite song, artist or playlist will play immediately.

This way you always have a special melody with you that reminds you of special moments.
spotify jewellery

Spotify bracelet

Music Lovers take note! Discover our leather Spotify bracelets! Personalize your SILK 641 bracelet with a special engraving of your favorite song or playlist. Simply scan the code and your music will start playing immediately! Ideal for those who always want to have their favorite melodies at hand.WEAR YOUR PLAYLIST


Bring your love of music to life with our Spotify paracord bracelets, available in a range of vibrant colours. Each bracelet has a unique engraving with a Spotify code, with which you can immediately listen to your favorite song or playlist with one scan. Perfect for music lovers who always want to have their music at hand, wherever you are. Choose your favorite color and wear your music with style.
Why Choose Spotify Jewelry from SILK Jewelery?
  • High Quality: Our pendants and bracelets are made of solid sterling silver, with an eye for detail and craftsmanship.
  • Personal and Unique: Make your jewelry extra special with a personal engraving. Choose a song that has special meaning to you, or surprise someone with their favorite song.
  • Perfect Gift: Are you looking for a unique and personal gift for a music lover? Our engraved silver jewelry with Spotify scan code is the perfect gift for any occasion.
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