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Personalised Jewellery

Personalized jewellery is popular! SILK jewellery can now be personalized with the latest laser technology. From personalized bracelets, name necklaces, bracelets with zodiac sign engraving, rings with initials to bracelets with a fingerprint of a loved one. Discover here more about the many possibilities of our personalized jewellery and get inspired.
personalized silk jewellery
personalize your silk
A personalized piece of jewelry gives the wearer of the unique piece of jewelry a special feeling. The SILK jewelry can be personalized with your chosen engraving. Whether that is your own logo, an inspiring quote in your own handwriting or the coordinates of your favorite place, the name of your children or favorite person, a special symbol or a high-quality fingerprint engraving. You can now laser engrave your SILK jewelry and make your SILK personal and unique. Discover everything about our advanced laser engravings here.
personalize your silk


Personalization has always been part of the history of jewellery. Engraving a wedding or partner ring, embellishing a necklace pendant, a special inscription on the inside of a bracelet or personalizing the outside of the lock of a silver bracelet. Personalization is and remains popular!

We engrave with the latest technology, using a computer-controlled laser engraving machine. This offers many new engraving and personalization options: varying from text in all kinds of fonts, logos, handwritten messages, your own design, fingerprints or patterns & textures. The possibilities go much further than traditional craftsmanship. Laser engraving provides razor-sharp precision.

All SILK jewellery can be personalized and become unique.
silver jewellery with symbols
your personal touch Combine text & symbols
A special date with an asterisk or a favorite quote. Have your bracelet engraved with text and symbols with a special meaning for you. We are happy to inspire you with a number of popular combinations;

∞ Endless love ∞ • You are my person • Bowie 11 / 08 /2014 • GO GET'M TIGER • Prove them wrong • Protection • To the moon and back • Best friends forever • Don't quit • Make It Happen • ★ Forever with you ★ • Together forever • One in a million • Rock my world • Forever and ever • ❤ Love you ❤ • Je 't aime • Mama • Daddy • Lauren & Billy • H | B | Z
The coordinates of a special location where the best memories were made. So that your jewellery becomes truly personal and unique. Have the coordinates of your favorite location engraved on a SILK piece of jewellery and always carry the memory close to you.

- Where did you fall in love?
- Where did you meet your best friend?
- Where did you grow up?
- Where were you proposed to?
- What is your favorite travel destination?
- Where did you make the best memory?
coördinates engraved on pendant
zodiac necklace
what's in the stars

zodiac jewellery

Are you fascinated by the meaning of the stars? Is your zodiac sign important to you or do you identify well with your zodiac sign? Show it off with one of our personalized zodiac jewellery. Personalize your own SILK bracelet with your zodiac sign or the zodiac sign of the person you want to gift.
fingerprint jewellery
your loved ones close
In most cases, we engrave completely free of charge as a service, however there are certain engravings such as fingerprints and the more complex engravings that require additional work from our graphics department, for which we charge a fee. For more luxurious and complex engravings, ask about the options and additional costs.

Fingerprint & your own design

ask for the possibilities
fingerprint jewellery
100% unique Fingerprint on your bracelet
A fingerprint recorded on your jewellery. Create a lasting bond with someone you want to carry with you always. Read all about our high-quality luxury fingerprint engravings.

Fingerprint bracelets

make it personal

Jewellery with Initials

There is nothing more personal than your initials on your jewellery. Make it personal and have your initials engraved on your SILK bracelet or pendant, the initials of your child(ren) or those of your partner.
personalized silk jewellery with initials
your favourite


A symbol sometimes says more than a thousand words. There are a large number of symbols with a special meaning. Symbols on jewellery often have a deeper meaning for the wearer than you see at first. Choose your favorite symbol and have it engraved on your SILK jewellery. Remind yourself of what is important to you.
Personalize your SILK
silver jewellery with letter

jewelry with letter

A piece of jewellery with a letter is extremely popular. The letter of your first name, that of your partner or your children. Letter jewellery expresses your love for that person. Jewellery with letters come in all shapes and sizes today. We engrave our silver SILK bracelets and necklaces with your letter of choice. Discover the possibilities.
customization especially for you
Personalized jewellery has a longer delivery time than a regular order. Special orders with a high-quality fingerprint engraving or custom design take approximately 10 working days. Other engravings have a delivery time of 1 to 3 working days. You may have to wait a while for your personalized jewellery, but it's totally worth it!

We customize your order with personalization especially for you! Make sure you are sure of the right size, because it cannot be returned after the engraving. Find out more about finding the right size here.
personalized silk jewellery
unique and personal

Personalized Necklace

Personalizing necklaces is a trend that continues to be popular. A personal necklace should no longer be missing in your jewelry collection. A necklace with a name, letter or initials is completely on-trend.

All SILK necklaces with pendant can be personalized with your unique engraving. Discover the different necklace pendants and tags which lend themselves very nicely to personalization. Wear a number of necklaces together in a very trendy way, combine short and longer necklaces and create the fashionable layered look with your unique personalized necklaces. Shop your favorite quickly and wear it with pleasure!
Personalised necklaces
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