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The SILK Rings collection offers a wide variety of unique handmade sterling silver rings in all kinds of types and sizes.


SILK Rings

The SILK rings collection consists of a wide variety of handmade sterling silver rings for young and old. You can find all kinds of styles from ordinary rings to knuckle rings, to really eye-catching statement pieces. For every look you will find a matching sterling silver ring that provides your outfit with a characteristic styling.  

SILK’s silver rings collection is handmade in SILK's own workshop in Bali Indonesia. This makes every SILK piece of jewellery unique. SILK Jewellery’s talented silversmiths strive each and every day at perfecting the SILK rings. Each SILK ring is made piece by piece and with the utmost detail and precision. For example, it takes a silversmith about two days to make one single ring, this requires pure craftsmanship and a lot of experience.


The silver SILK rings are of a very solid quality standard. The rings are produced with an intense passion for the art of silversmithing and with great attention for detail. All SILK rings are made out of massive silver. The silver rings therefore contain a lot of silver and feel quite chunky. All silk rings are made out of sterling silver (925) and also have the legally valid certifications.

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