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Wear your SILK necklace with a silver textured pendant or contemporary feathered wing for an eye-catching look.


SILK Necklace

Are you looking for a timeless sterling silver necklace? Then you are at the right place at the official SILK Jewellery webshop for a complete range of silver SILK necklaces. The SILK silver necklaces can be worn by both men and women but there are a number of necklaces that are more suitable for women such as the silver necklace 389 with a black onyx stone < / a> embedded in the clasp of the necklace. SILK necklaces are handmade by our silversmiths in Bali, so each SILK necklace is unique. Each silver necklace is part of a line of SILK’s wide range of silver jewellery. They perfectly match in terms of braided structure and allow to mix and match for a complete SILK Jewellery look. If you are looking for a typical men's necklace, you can consider a necklace with leather. For example, the leather necklaces 179blk or 820blk are very popular among men.


Silver necklace

A silver SILK necklace adds a beautiful touch to any outfit. A silver necklace will last a lifetime if treated correctly and is very timeless. Within the wide silver collection of SILK Jewellery, the Double Fox is a line that takes its name from the foxtail link. The necklaces in this collection have several narrow foxtail links that are braided by hand with a double strand and form a unique piece. This necklace can be worn both by men and women and matches very nicely with a pendant from the SILK collection.


Warranty on your SILK necklace

A SILK necklace is made out of the highest quality sterling silver (925). Each SILK necklace is handmade which makes each piece unique. We strive at delivering the highest quality. If, nevertheless, there is a shortcoming, your exclusive SILK jewellery has a six month warranty. When you purchase a SILK jewellery you will receive a warranty certificate. It is very important that you read this carefully before wearing your jewellery. The warranty certificate explains how you can best maintain your SILK jewellery to enjoy wearing your SILK jewellery for years. br />
Take a look at the SILK silver necklaces here and the leather necklaces here.

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