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The silver and leather SILK bracelets collection consists of a very wide range. There is a SILK bracelet for every wrist and for every mood.


The SILK Jewellery silver bracelet collection consists of a very wide range. From popular silver chain bracelets with sturdy robust lock clasps from the Alpha collection to the more classic, timeless silver bracelets from the Weave line . Narrow braided silver bracelets from the Roots collection which allow you to endlessly mix and match to create your own creative creation. Or the leather bracelets collection which has a wide variety of leather bracelets for both men and women. There is a silver SILK bracelet for every wrist and every mood.

Buying SILK bracelets?

The silver SILK bracelets are featured by their massive design with coarse links and special braided structures. This makes the silver bracelets sturdy and timeless and also suitable for both men and women. The silver bracelets from SILK Jewellery find its inspiration in the Asian continent, especially the versatility and beauty of this continent is the basis for the design process of SILK Jewellery.

Take a look at the handmade leather and silver bracelets: BraceletsFIERCE by SILK, RingsNecklaces , Pendants of Earrings. Would you like to buy silver bracelets at a nice price? Take a look at our  sale pagina

About SILK Jewellery bracelets

SILK Jewellery is the fashionable, sturdy and trendy Dutch silver jewellery brand founded by Maarten Smetsers and Heidi van Leeuwen in 2005. The brand offers an extensive collection of silver jewellery for both men and women.

Handmade bracelets

Each SILK Bracelet is handmade out of 925 sterling silver and is known for its massive character, sturdy design and very refined finish. For a subtle look, there are timeless refined silver bracelets with lobster clasps. But if you want to stand out a bit more, there is also plenty of choice for a coarser model with eye-catching silver links or hand-braided leather.

All SILK bracelets are handmade out of massive 925 sterling silver which makes them feel quite chunky. The silver bracelets have certifications that apply to silver jewellery. But not only the use of silver guarantees a high-quality SILK jewellery. All SILK jewellery is manufactured by highly experienced silversmiths.

Silver bracelets

Each SILK bracelet is unique because it is handmade. It takes three to four days for one silversmith to produce one single silver bracelet. The production requires genuine craftsmanship. The passionate silversmiths strive each and every day at refining and perfecting SILK Jewellery’s silver bracelets.

The extensive SILK bracelet collection has a silver bracelet for every personality. Every SILK bracelet radiates real craftsmanship. As silver also matches very nicely with leather, you will find in the SILK bracelet collection several models of silver bracelets combined with beautiful colours of sturdy leather. Within the different lines the brand offers, there is a wide variety of different leather designs. Mix and match the many styles and create a unique look.

A SILK piece of jewellery sets itself apart by its high quality and refined finish. The jewellery is designed with detail in the Netherlands and is made with passion, talent and craftsmanship in Bali, Java and Indonesia. All items are made out of 925 sterling silver and are sometimes combined with gemstone or leather.

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