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how to make a fingerprint

We personalize your SILK Jewellery with a 100% unique fingerprint in our own studio. We use the latest laser technology for this, a fingerprint will be created that can be felt. If you would like to order a fingerprint piece of jewelry, discover here which steps you need to follow to make a beautiful fingerprint and how you can then deliver it to us.
fast and easy

Make a Fingerprint

Follow these steps to create a fingerprint quickly and easily.
- draw a filled circle with a pencil (or use an ink pad)
- Now rub your fingertip over the ink circle
- Place adhesive tape over your fingertip
- Press it gently
- Now stick the tape on the paper
- Repeat until you have a perfect print
- Photograph the print in daylight
- Cut the image to size
- If necessary, adjust the contrast for a clearer image
- Make sure the lines are sharp
- Upload file with your product order
- We will now trace and vectorize the fingerprint for you
- Your fingerprint is then ready for your personal laser engraving
- After the laser engraving, your fingerprint jewelry is polished and finished
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