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Craft Your Love Story with SILK


Jewellery for couples

With couple jewellery you can achieve the ultimate couple goals together! Discover the most personal way to celebrate your love. Engraving jewellery offers a unique opportunity to personalize your band. From elegant bracelets to sophisticated pendants, each piece is carefully designed to symbolize your unique connection. Suitable for any occasion and time of the year. Have your initials engraved with a heart or infinity sign, your own name, a special text or, for example, your wedding date. The ultimate jewellery for couples!

How romantic is it to wear the same bracelet, necklace or ring together, in which the coordinates of your first date or kiss location are engraved? Let us inspire you for a loving couple's piece of jewellery with lasting impact.
for you & your lover

Couple Jewellery

personalize your gift

your date or initials

Engraving a bracelet or pendant is a unique way to tell your love story. Personalize your jewellery to make it even more special and precious.

Have your initials engraved with a heart or infinity sign, your own name, a special text or, for example, your wedding date.

Discover which piece of jewellery suits your love and which engravings are possible per piece of jewellery.
keep your lover close

Your personal touch

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Silver jewel with personal message
Give your loved one a silver piece of jewelry with text as a gift and you will not only give a personal piece of jewelry, but also a gift with emotional value and a lasting memory of your love. Different texts can be engraved in various fonts and symbols. But you can also have your own personal design or fingerprints engraved.

Discover here a number of jewelry that are very suitable to have engraved for your loved one. Or take a look at the complete engravable collection. 

Craft your love story!
we take care of it

extra love in your package

Order your Valentine's Day Gift now! Leave the lovingly wrapping of your impressive gift up to us! When placing your order, check the Valentine wrapping service box.

Your only concern now is your romantic interpretation of Valentine's day in lockdown. Discover our Dating in Quarantine Tips or write an old-school love letter. Bet that makes an impression!?!
valentinesday gift wrapping silk jewellery
Gift Tip


Has your love been out there for quiet a while now, but are you still waiting for the right time to seal it?
A personalized engraved ring for you and your loved one is the perfect gift to confirm your love. We have some beautiful suggestions for you!
Craft Your Love Story with Couple Jewellery
Are you looking for the perfect piece of jewelry to celebrate your love? At SILK Jewelery you will find an exclusive collection of personalized jewelry for couples. Discover our relationship jewelry, matching jewelry and more, specially designed to symbolize your unique bond. Read our blog and find the perfect love jewelry for you and your partner.

Do you need inspiration for buying jewelry for your loved one or a cool and lasting gift for your great love? We've listed our top 5 favorite love gifts for you.

Are you someone who loves to celebrate love in a big way? Check out our bracelet suggestions for him & her, so you can twin and make a lasting impression!

Is your love still a secret, and are you longing for a first date? Impress your date with a SILK bracelet from the Hook series! With the leather 830 bracelet, you are guaranteed a smashing entrance for just €69.

Is your love already out there, but are you waiting for the right moment to seal it? Couple rings are the perfect way to confirm your love. We have some beautiful suggestions for you! Sterling silver rings in various textures, a narrower variant for you, and a sturdy wider one for your lover. Or if you both love wide rings, just take the same one. Go for the 640sil and/or 640sbr and have them engraved with your initials or fingerprints to create something truly unique to carry close to your heart.

Are you more expressive when it comes to love? Express your love and surprise your great love with a special text bracelet. Wear an engraved silver or leather bracelet with a beautiful expression: IN MY HEART FOREVER. If you also love twinning, our unisex bracelets are the perfect love gift! They come in various lengths.


Do you and your lover want to wear the same necklace, for example with a beautifully symbolic engraved pendant? Check out our necklaces page, where you will surely find a beautiful necklace for you and your loved one. Ranging from silver necklaces with or without pendants to necklaces with a leather cord and silver carabiner clasp. A necklace for a loved one is a super precious gift that your loved one can wear close every day. Especially when you combine it with a beautiful engravable pendant or a memorial pendant where you can place a piece of fabric from your wedding outfit or sand from your love island. Discover the SILK pendant necklaces on this page: SILK Pendants. If you and your catch prefer to wear a cool bracelet as a symbol of your unique love bond, quickly discover our bracelet collection. A SILK bracelet is, of course, also beautiful to engrave with your special date or fingerprints. Discover here which bracelets we can engrave for you and your lover.

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