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The pieces of silver jewellery can be combined timelessly and endlessly. The unique designs are characterized by their robust, sturdy but stylish look and very refined finish. Authentic, traditional Asian designs combined with modern Western design. SILK is the quirky Dutch silver jewellery brand with a handmade silver collection for both men and women founded by two Dutch entrepreneurs Heidi van Leeuwen and Maarten Smetsers. SILK Jewellery offers a wide range of handmade silver bracelets, leather with silver bracelets, silver necklaces, leather with silver necklaces, silver pendants, silver rings and silver earrings. The SILK jewellery collection is known for its massive character, timeless, sturdy designs and refined finish. SILK Jewellery has its heritage in Indonesia, that explains why part of the jewellery collection will always contain surprising variations of traditional Asian jewellery designs.

Wide range

The sterling silver SILK jewellery collection has a wide range of SILK bracelets, SILK rings, SILK necklaces, SILK pendants and SILK earrings. In addition, SILK also has a special collection that bears the name FIERCE by SILK. A collection inspired by wild animals where you will find many snake bracelets, both leather snake bracelets as well as silver snake bracelets. The FIERCE jewellery collection also includes a tiger bracelet and an eagle bracelet. Besides that, the FIERCE by SILK jewellery collection has a special silver snake ring. One of the must-haves of this silver jewellery collection is the striking eagle ring, this silver eagle ring is one of the absolute statement pieces. The silver snake ring is a big favourite among fashion bloggers.

Take a look at the FIERCE silver jewellery collection here: Snake bracelets, Snake ring, Snake necklaces, Eagle ring, Eagle bracelet, Tiger bracelet.

Silver jewellery collection

SILK Jewellery is known for its silver jewellery, which is handmade out of 925 sterling silver. In the Netherlands, every piece of jewellery is inspected and provided with an inspection stamp to guarantee the content. In this way you are guaranteed a piece of jewellery that is strong and has the highest possible silver content.

Handmade jewellery from Bali

At SILK Jewellery we only sell handmade jewellery. SILK jewellery is produced by our very talented silversmiths in Bali, in SILK's workshop on the Indonesian island of Bali. SILK is famous for its clean Asian-inspired bold designs with meticulous attention to detail. The hand braided sterling silver collection is inspired by SILK's roots. The famous Asian braided structure is an ancient art in Bali where SILK has its origins.

Men’s and women’s jewellery

SILK jewellery is unisex, we have the jewellery in different length sizes in stock so that they can be worn by both men and women. SILK Jewellery is the right place for both men's and women's jewellery. Women have been wearing bracelets and jewellery for many years, men’s bracelets are nowadays an integral part of the street scene. Look at almost every prominent men's wrist today and there's a good chance you'll see it decorated with a cool set of bracelets, bangles, leather strings and other decorations. A true inspiration are the predecessors of men's jewellery; Johnny Depp, Lenny Kravitz, Russell Brand and Colin Farrell; men with a distinct choice of jewellery. In the Netherlands, the men's bracelet also more and more found its way. Sturdy or more subtle, you will find a suitable piece of jewellery for every men in the SILK jewellery collection. The SILK jewellery collection not only consists of bracelets but offers also a choice of silver men's necklaces, leather necklaces with sturdy pendants or men's rings for the contemporary man. Take a look at our women’s and men's jewellery here.

Most complete collection

You are on the official webshop of SILK Jewellery so you will find the most complete collection of SILK jewellery here. Take a look at the most extensive range and find your unique piece of SILK jewellery. The collection consists of several lines. Navigate on article level to see for example all SILK rings, all SILK bracelets, all SILK necklaces, all SILK pendants and or SILK earrings. You can also filter your choice by selecting a specific SILK collection such as the SILK Roots Collection, the SILK Arch Collection, the SILK Alpha Collection, the SILK Crossline Collection, the SILK Bold Collection, the SILK Zipp Collection, the SILK Infinite Collection, the SILK Mesh Collection, the SILK Weave Collection, the SILK Fox Collection, the SILK Double Fox Collection, the SILK Breeze Collection, the SILK Chevron Collection, the SILK Classic Chevron Collection, the SILK Connect Collection, the SILK Linked Collection, the SILK Wild Heart Collection, the SILK Eighty-Eight Collection, the SILK Stone Collection or the FIERCE by SILK Collection.

Care and maintenance of your SILK jewellery

Take good care of your SILK jewellery to enjoy it for as long as possible. Polish your silk bracelet with the silk silver polishing cloth to clean your silver bracelet and make it shine. With every online SILK order, be it a silk bracelet, silk ring or silk necklace, you will receive a silver polishing cloth for free with your order from SILK Jewellery. Make sure that you read the warranty conditions before wearing your jewellery which you will also receive with the purchase of your bracelet or other SILK jewellery.


At SILK Jewellery you can now also shop the most beautiful jewellery at a nice sales price. Once every season, a number of selected pieces of SILK jewellery will appear in the sale. Keep an eye on the sale section to shop for items with a nice discount.

SILK Sales jewellery

On this page you will find the complete jewellery collection of pieces of SILK Jewellery which are on sale. Take a look at the collection of sales bracelets, sales rings, sales earrings, sales necklaces and sales pendants. All SILK jewellery is designed in the Netherlands and handmade in Indonesia, making each piece of SILK jewellery unique. All SILK jewellery is made of 925 sterling silver and high-quality leather. In addition, the SILK Jewellery collection uses gemstones that are embedded in the silver jewellery. The leather bracelets and necklaces always contain silver details. The SILK Jewellery collection consists of different lines with the same structures. All jewellery matches very nicely. The different collections also go along very well and can be endlessly matched with each other for a playful personal look.
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