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RAW Editions - coming soon

RAW Editions - coming soon

The RAW Editions is a jewellery line where SILK managed to create a casual look by using new materials in her handmade sterling silver collection. Each SILK piece of jewellery passes through an extensive craftsmanship process in order to create unique massive sterling silver designs for raw men and womQX. With the RAW Editions, we introduce a number of sterling silver bracelets combined with brass and black oxide for which we used special brushing techniques for a " worn style" look. The RAW Editions designs are handmade from pure metals, brass and sterling silver. The initial reactions to this introduction were almost unanimously positive so you can expect much more from that in the near future.”  


The RAW Editions jewellery will be available from November onwards at our official SILK Dealers and online. Stay tuned for the exact release date!

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