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Urban Rebels

Urban Rebels

SILK Jewellery wants to inspire you to choose your own unique path in life, to feel free to wear whatever you like. Explore the world we live in and look beyond your own reach. SILK does this in a good-humoured rebellious way with its «For Playful Minds» brand campaigns.  “We not only sell jewellery to make a commercial profit but try to enrich the consumer with a free-spirited lifestyle communicated through our brand's campaigns. "Heidi van Leeuwen - Marketing & Brand Director of the playful Dutch silver jewellery brand"


With SILK we aim at creating a silver jewellery line that perfectly suits non-conforming individuals who follow their own unique path in life and for those who express their individuality by the way they dress and the accessories (jewellery) they wear. We need to become aware that young people increasingly explore the world, become more experimental and independent and start to reject conformity and standards. SILK tries to express its rebellious, playful image by taking inspiration from the values of our time. With our brand campaigns, SILK encourages consumers to take risks and leave the default path for life. To explore the world and get out and be adventurous. Most SILK communication will be based on wanderlust and seeking pleasure. Through this philosophy of "carpe diem / stay wild at heart" SILK wants to become the brand that attracts people who share the same values. 


The «For Playful Minds» brand campaigns are shot by the famous fashion photographer Marío Príncipe, who with his cinematic signature, sets SILK apart from the mostly conventional world of jewellery. The campaign visuals are aimed at inspiring consumers and making them identify themselves with the models. We always shoot in an adventurous environment with real models to enlarge the feeling of being unique.

SILK is known for its stylish handmade silver jewellery collection and wants to distinguish itself in its communication from the more traditional jewellery brands in our country. SILK customers are the rebellious playful minds who are independent, trend setting and less triggered by the famous classic jewellery brands in the market.

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